Splitting Wood

                                                                                                        © C.L. Quigley

Splitting wood,
drips from my body

“Intention leads to”


Intention leads to
Not knowing which way
the branches will bend.
Examples include: watering seeds,
needing affirmations, but not
thinking about the flow of water
in arteries and veins
over lights and pain.
Never what you hoped for.


© 2013 C.L. Quigley

Inspired by Trifecta: Week Fifty-Nine
and by Thomas Sheridan: “A Great Intention”

Plucking Rushes

Green leaves,
Red shoots and
bending wind, you and I
in the same boat,
plucking rushes
at Five Lakes.
We sail at dawn
from orchid island
and rest under
the elms
till noon, you and I
plucking rushes,
had not plucked
a single rush
when the moon rose.

Anonymous, fourth century A.D.

Transformed by C.L. Quigley from Arthur Waley’s
original Chinese translations