Thigh High Subversion

The right dose

of thigh high subversion

borrows from past and place.

I try to make it abstract.

The work of human hands,

and dreams become reality.

Confident woman

(global chameleon)

of the true north–

–haute couture.

Consider the ground

held on an icy winter:

fiery candles and stone ruins

plunged into ancient culture.

I have seen true Vogue

inspired by an elevator.

She started an affair with

a license to imagine.

©C.L. Quigley, 2018

First appeared in Found Poetry Review’s “PoMoSco,” a collective April 2015 National Poetry Month challenge

Source text: Menkes, Suzy. “Time Traveler.” Condé Nast Traveler 1 Mar. 2015.

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