“Intention leads to”


Intention leads to
Not knowing which way
the branches will bend.
Examples include: watering seeds,
needing affirmations, but not
thinking about the flow of water
in arteries and veins
over lights and pain.
Never what you hoped for.


© 2013 C.L. Quigley

Inspired by Trifecta: Week Fifty-Nine
and by Thomas Sheridan: “A Great Intention”

19 thoughts on ““Intention leads to”

    1. and i am honored you stopped by to read my poem, Thomas, thank you much for the compliment.

    1. your compliment means much to me, Jordan, and thank you for the feedback. it has been awhile since writing something new.

  1. It *does* seem like even the best of intentions never leads to what someone was hoping for ):
    This is a pretty piece!

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